Changing tires: how to choose a good tire service?

When should you go to the tire shop? First of all, a trip to such a car service is associated with many motorists with a seasonal tire change. Accordingly, twice a year we take a set of summer or winter tires with us, visit a master who “changes shoes” on the car using special equipment.

Basic tire fitting services include:

  • removing the wheels from the car;
  • removal of tires from the disk;
  • inspection of tires for integrity;
  • elimination of punctures and small cuts;
  • tire replacement;
  • tire inflation;
  • test on the stand and balancing if necessary;
  • installation of a balanced wheel.

The stages of tire fitting may differ, but the main goal remains the same. Masters are engaged in the replacement of rubber and, if necessary, carry out in-line repair of tires after punctures, for example.

Tire fitting: changing shoes correctly

Why balance wheels, and why is this service so important? Nothing created by human hands is completely perfect. Planes are never straight, edges are never even, and circles are never perfectly round.

This also applies to automobile wheels, the imbalance of which can affect the comfort and safety of driving. What is wheel balancing? Its goal is to distribute the mass as accurately as possible so that the center of gravity coincides with the center of rotation.

In practice, correcting the position of the mass is to add special weights to the appropriate places around the circumference of the rim. As a result, the rotation of the wheel is smooth and smooth, which means it does not cause body vibrations.

The process of dynamic balancing is carried out on special automobile computer balancing machines. Auto experts recommend wheel balancing after 5,000 km and with every tire change, and such services are recommended to be carried out in trusted workshops.

Why is Wheel Balance Control Important?

Proper wheel balancing is the key to safe and comfortable driving. Keep in mind that unbalanced wheels pose a great risk to traffic safety. On the other hand, well-calibrated tires provide not only a stable ride, better grip, but also shorter braking distances and lower fuel consumption.

Regular wheel balance checks allow tires to last longer and save on vehicle components such as shock absorbers, bearings and tie rods. The key nuance in this case is the choice of the right tire shop.

All the signs of a quality tire fitting:

  • availability of a prepared room for diagnostics, maintenance and repair;
  • availability of the necessary equipment (lifts, stands, tools);
  • order in the workplace;
  • queues caused by good customer reviews and which are a sign of a good reputation of a car service;
  • professional approach to each client and so on.

The right choice of tire fitting guarantees the quality and speed of work, and also ensures your safety in any road conditions.