Diagnostics of the chassis of the car: how to do it, what is important to know

There is a famous saying that prevention is better than cure. This can fully apply not only to our body, but also to a personal car. Thanks to regular technical inspections of vehicles, we can significantly improve road safety and avoid very expensive repairs.

One of the main components of such an inspection is the diagnosis of the chassis. When and how to check the running of the car? What is good about computer diagnostics of running cars? These and other questions are answered by Vag-Master specialists.

Diagnostics of the running gear of a passenger car – nuances

What is the undercarriage of a car made of? First of all, this is the main frame, to which bridge beams with dependent and independent suspensions are attached. Also included here:

  • axes;
  • levers and supports;
  • wheels;
  • wheels and tires.

A professionally carried out diagnostics of the chassis allows us to detect even minor defects that we are not aware of while driving, and which, if not eliminated in advance, can cause much more serious damage.

Such failures should be avoided for several reasons. The most obvious are the financial considerations: it is faster and more profitable to remove one worn part than to repair the entire system, which completely “crumbled” just because of this one element.

The second nuance is safety, because a sudden breakdown while driving poses a huge threat not only to our health, but also to other road users. Also, do not forget about the legal obligations of each driver who needs to carry out a technical inspection of his car within the prescribed period, including diagnostics of the running gear.

The intervals between the individual checks depend on the age of the vehicle. The first inspection is carried out before the first registration of the car, the second within 3 years from the date of registration, the third – within 2 years from the date of the previous inspection. We perform each subsequent inspection within one year from the date of the previous inspection.

How Much Does Running Car Diagnosis Cost?

The standard procedure for diagnosing and checking the condition of the chassis costs about 200-250 hryvnia. The cost may be higher if computer verification is required at special stands. If you need a running diagnostics service, it is advisable to search for a service station in advance, having studied the reviews of real customers on the Internet, for example.

When is a Vehicle Diagnostic Needed?

In addition to periodic checks of the condition of the car, running gear diagnostics is also recommended in a number of other situations. First of all, it is necessary to diagnose the running gear after any impacts associated with the wheels getting into pits, potholes or collisions with curbs.

Even an imperceptible collision with a curb or other obstacle can cause damage that poses a serious threat to safety and driving comfort. Remember that the sooner we detect such defects, the lower the cost of their elimination.

The second situation in which it is worth contacting the service for diagnostics is when buying a car in the secondary market. As in the previous case, due to the inspection of the chassis, we can identify defects that are present, but not detected during the movement, which were deliberately hidden by the previous owner, or arose as a result of improper operation of the car.