Engine overhaul – what is it?

General concepts of engine repair

Every car engine needs repair over time. Repairs can be small, such as replacing some parts, or they can be more serious, up to and including a major overhaul. An engine overhaul, also known as an internal combustion engine overhaul, is the process of restoring an engine to its original condition by replacing or rebuilding its major parts.

When is an engine overhaul necessary and in what cases is it not necessary?

An engine overhaul is necessary if the engine has been in operation for a significant amount of time and/or traveled a long distance and is showing signs of wear. One of the main symptoms is the loss of engine power and the appearance of knocks in its operation. If these signs appear, then most likely the engine needs to be repaired. However, if the vehicle has been used carefully and serviced on a regular basis, an engine overhaul may not be necessary.

What is included in the overhaul – stages

Engine overhaul is a process that includes several stages. The first stage is diagnostics. It allows you to determine which parts need to be replaced and which can be repaired. Further, depending on the condition of the engine, a complete disassembly may be required. This is followed by the replacement of parts. Here it is necessary to replace all faulty parts, as well as those that may fail in the near future. Then the engine is assembled and run on a stand to make sure it works properly.

Overhaul of the gasoline engine

Overhaul of a gasoline engine includes the replacement of pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, camshaft, valves and other parts if they are damaged.

Further, during the overhaul of the engine, it is disassembled and all defective or failed parts are completely replaced. In this case, grinding or replacement of pistons, replacement of the crankshaft, camshaft, liners and other parts, if necessary, is carried out. All sealing elements are also replaced, including gaskets, cuffs, seals, etc.

One of the important stages of engine overhaul is hot running. This process consists in starting the engine at idle, after which the speed of its rotation is gradually increased to maximum speed. Thus, new parts are warmed up and their performance is checked in real conditions.

The duration of an engine overhaul can vary greatly depending on its complexity and condition. On average, such repairs can take from several days to several weeks. After repair, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and check the operation of the engine, as well as follow the recommendations for its operation and maintenance.

Overhaul of the engine is a rather complicated process that requires high qualifications and experience on the part of specialists. Therefore, if you have problems with the operation of the engine, you should not engage in self-repair, it is better to turn to professionals and entrust them with this work.

The cost of an engine overhaul depends on the condition of the engine, the make and model of the vehicle, and the region where you are located. On average, the cost of such repairs can be several tens of thousands of hryvnia. But you should not save on the quality of repairs, because the safety of your ride and the durability of the car depend on it.