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Within 1 hour we will find out all the problem areas in the car and provide the best solution
We recommend doing preventive diagnostics:
  • When changing tires seasonally
  • Before a planned long trip
  • Planned every 10-15 thousand km.
  • When buying a used car
  • Before buying/selling a car
  • In case of extraneous sounds in the chassis
В течении 1 часа узнаем все проблемные места в автомобиле и предоставим оптимальное решение
Мы рекомендуем делать профилактическую диагностику:
  • При сезонной смене резины
  • Перед запланированной дальней поездкой
  • Планово каждые 10-15 тысяч км.
  • При покупке поддержаного авто
  • Перед покупкой/продажей авто
  • В случае посторонних звуков в ходовой
In 1 hour we will diagnose:

[01] The performance of the car's suspension, including shock absorbers;

[02] The efficiency of the vehicle's braking system, including the handbrake;

[03] Presence or absence of pull towards the car

[04] Presence or absence of brake disc runout.

[05] Mounts: wheels, front and rear suspension, brake system, steering, engine protection, transmission, muffler;

[06] Supports: engine, gearbox (automatic transmission), shock absorbers, subframe (frame), drive shafts, bridges;

[07] The backlashes of the front suspension of the car (in the silent blocks of the front levers, in the ball bearings of the front levers, in the steering rods, in the steering tips, in the struts of the front stabilizer, in the bushings of the front stabilizer, in the bearings of the front hubs, in the drive joints, in the steering universal joints, in steering columns, in steering mechanisms)

[08]Backlashes of the rear suspension of the car (in the silent blocks of the rear levers, in the silent blocks of the rear beam, in the struts of the rear stabilizer, in the bushings of the rear stabilizer, in the silent blocks of the springs, in the bearings of the rear hubs, in the drive joints, in the ball bearings of the rear levers);

[09]Inspected for general condition and wear: brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, brake force regulators;

[10]The anthers are inspected for the general condition: steering rods, ball pins of steering tips, ball bearings, drive shafts;

[11]Inspected for tightness and general condition of the steering: tubes, hoses, pump, rail, gearbox;

[12]Drive shaft seals are inspected for tightness.

Car chassis diagnostics


Your Car Service Passenger car Cost Range
Running gear diagnostics 300 UAH

For the service of diagnostics of the running gear of the car, the price in our company is always affordable, and we guarantee the quality and speed of work performed by professional performers using the most modern equipment.

Car chassis diagnostics is one of the most requested procedures at any service station. It is recommended to perform it every 10 thousand kilometers or once a year (whichever comes first).

Pay the necessary attention to your car – it will take a minimum of time, but at the same time it will help to avoid serious costs in the future. Chassis, transmission and suspension are the most severely stressed car systems.

It is important to remember that the wear of individual components of these systems is only a matter of time. Suspension diagnostics and repair can significantly extend the life of your car, and also guarantee your comfort and safety when traveling.

Running car diagnostics cheap

Why is running gear diagnostics required sooner or later by every car owner, regardless of the age and condition of the car? It is important to understand that a machine is a complex of nodes and systems that are constantly in interaction.

Like any mechanism, the car is subjected to stress. In the case of a running gear, loads are caused by factors such as:

  • bad roads;
  • aggressive driving;
  • non-original accessories.

All this leads to gradual or vice versa – rapid wear of the components of the transmission system, as a result of which your car becomes unsafe in everyday use. It becomes more difficult to manage, and the ride becomes less comfortable for the driver and passengers.

Experts say that the diagnosis of a running car should be performed regularly – every 10-12 thousand kilometers or once a year. At the same time, it may be required much earlier in situations such as:

  • the appearance of extraneous noise and knocks;
  • vibrations when driving on a flat road and in corners;
  • “wedge” of wheels;
  • increase in braking distance;
  • loss of stability at high speeds and so on.

Running diagnostics, the price of which in Kyiv is more than affordable, can take place in several main stages.

Suspension diagnostics - price and quality

A comprehensive inspection and repair, if necessary, of the transmission system may include procedures such as:

  • diagnostics of front and rear axles;
  • control of the state of the main mechanisms;
  • disassembly of the front and rear shock absorbers with a condition check and replacement if necessary;
  • testing and measurement of play of ball bearings;
  • check steering tips;
  • repair “grenades”;
  • control of a condition of a steering;
  • checking silent blocks;
  • repair and replacement of bearing elements;
  • examination of brake pads, drum brakes, brake discs);
  • check of working hoses with check of tightness.

We offer only high-quality diagnostics, guaranteeing each client a professional approach to work. We use original consumables and components, as well as reliable diagnostic equipment. Our experience and qualification of specialists guarantee saving your personal time and finances.

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